Lifetime Jewelry’s® Announces the Perfect Gift for the Man in Your Life

For people struggling for gift ideas for men this season, Lifetime Jewelry offers the solution. We have launched a new selection of bracelets especially for men. Their 6mm wide 24K gold Rope Chain Bracelet is one of these popular jewelry items and is now available at a special discount for a limited time.

Lifetime Jewelry has been retailing premium quality 24K gold jewelry for almost forty years. We specialize in gold fashion jewelry for men and women, as well as jewelry for children. Our jewelry collection is known for its lasting quality and attention to detail.

We are very pleased with our 6mm 24K gold Rope Chain Bracelet. It perfectly matches our range of high-end gold rope chain necklaces for men,” said CEO and founder of Lifetime Jewelry, Alex King. “This gold bracelet has been expertly handcrafted by our practiced team of jewelers that work locally in the United States. As well as bracelets and necklaces, we also retail a wide-ranging selection of 24K gold earrings, pendants, crosses, and rosaries that are always popular at this time of the year.”

These Bracelets for Men have an extra thick overlay of 24K gold on a heart of semi-precious metals. It is available in several lengths: 7, 8 and 9 inches. There are 20 mls of pure 24K gold on each chain, providing more than ten times the volume of gold compared with low-quality designs. As a result, the finish of these bracelets resembles solid gold yet costs only a small fraction of the price.

All Lifetime Jewelry items come with a 100% unconditional free lifetime replacement guarantee. This is part of our commitment to total customer satisfaction. One customer states it perfectly, “It’s actually pretty impressive how much they look and feel like real gold. They definitely seem to be more durable than gold as well. I also appreciate the guarantee and the follow-ups from customer service. Thanks, guys!”

The current special discounts will only be available for a short time based on availability.

About Lifetime Jewelry
Lifetime Jewelry specializes in Gold Bracelets for Men. Our collection also includes a wide range of necklaces and bracelets including Cuban, Rope and Figaro designs. All products by Lifetime Jewelry are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee against any damage or wear.

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