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Lifetime Jewelry is an online retailer of high-end crafted gold fashion jewelry which we manufacture and package in the USA. We use a special proprietary formula to overlay 24K gold over a core of semi-precious metals, making each item look and feel like real gold.  We also have some items available in Rhodium, which is used in making White Gold.


Lifetime Products Group is owned and operated by Karen, a dynamic entrepreneur.


“We make our jewelry built to last. We do that by putting up to 20 times more gold on each piece than standard electroplate. This helps it resist tarnishing to last a lifetime,” says Karen, who has been in the jewelry business for almost 30 years. “We back up our claim by offering a full 100% Free Lifetime Warranty in case of any damage or wear.

“Our goal is to provide jewelry that looks and feels just like solid gold at a fraction of the cost. To achieve this, we have sought out the best artisans in the country who have had years of experience working with metals. They use a proprietary formula to make it look and feel like the real thing. It's really quite wonderful.

"Our jewelry is classified as fine fashion jewelry. It’s high class and not the cheap stuff you buy at a dollar store. We have trouble describing what our jewelry is because when you use the word ‘plated’ people instantly think of this cheap dime store fake jewelry which turns green the day after you buy it. That's not us. So we explain what it is, which is: ‘Real 24 karat gold laid over semi-precious metals.’ Take note that our company only replaces less than one percent of all merchandise sold, which is a terrific statistic. We put a lot into customer service because we really do want our customers to be happy. To date we have maintained an almost 5.0 star rating on our Amazon customer service score since we started. We hold strong to the ideals of providing excellent care for our customers."

From bracelets to chains to earrings, Lifetime Jewelry began selling its wares on Amazon in 2014 and has grown now to be one of the top 2% of Amazon sellers in the USA. Products are kept at a reasonable cost and range in from $25 to $120.

“We want people to get something that has the value of looking beautiful without it costing their whole life savings,” said Karen. “I’m all for solid gold, but you can own ten of our necklaces to one solid gold chain. You don’t have to keep ours in a lock box - you can wear it anytime. That's liberating.”


Today, more than 9.4 million firms in the United States are owned by women. Lifetime Jewelry employs 20 individuals at the factory level and 6 at their packaging office, contributing toward the 14% of employment generated by women-owned firms in the United States. In fact, as of last year, women-owned firms produced $1.5 trillion in sales, accounting for 12 percent of all revenues.


"I have to be honest: I never wanted to be a business woman. I thought getting into business would be kind of impersonal and cold. You had to live in a dog-eat-dog world and sort of steel yourself to make it. Truthfully, while there are some intense times, being mean and greedy to get your way couldn’t be further from the truth."

"I'm not saying business isn't competitive. There are plenty of shrewd, cut-throat operations out there, but they never really get it. At least not legally. I know It’s taught that way in schools. I refuse to live that way. I felt that if you find what people want, intensify their desire for it with honest marketing, and you deliver the goods, you’re on your way there. If you produce a great product, charge a fair price, and make sure customers are happy, you're on track to becoming a raving success. That’s what we are experiencing in Lifetime Jewelry.”

“If you produce a great product, charge a fair price, and make sure customers are happy… you're on track to becoming a raving success. That’s what we are experiencing with Lifetime Jewelry.”

https://s3.amazonaws.com/websites.retailcatalog.us/1937/mm/rosary.jpgKaren recalls the story of a woman who ordered a rosary from her company and wanted to exchange it for a different kind. In their conversation Karen sensed that something wasn’t quite right with the customer. 

Tentatively, Karen asked what was wrong. “I found out that her son had just been killed. I was deeply moved. This woman wanted a rosary to pray over her son. I felt like giving it to her free, but I sensed it would hurt her pride. I ended up having a thorough heart-to-heart talk with her until I could see she was a little less distraught."

"We sort of became friends, and I thought: ‘This is real life. People live with this kind of stuff all the time. All sorts of pain and grief and you just don't know what people are going through when you first meet them.' I felt like reaching out to help her some way, so I just talked to her until she seemed to feel a little better."

"That day my compassion grew leaps and bounds. I will never forget that dear lady. That’s why I do business. It’s about people, not a big corporate thing.”

“My compassion grew leaps and bounds that day. I will never forget that dear lady. That’s why I do business. It’s about people, not a big corporate thing."

Lifetime Jewelry is expanding their line which they will begin introducing for the holidays. New items such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and anklets will start to be rolled out steadily on into 2018.

VIP Club members will be get first look at new items just out. Members will also be given exclusive deals on jewelry. When one signs up for this membership they get 10% on any future orders from this website for the rest of their life. 

Lifetime Jewelry - Buy it once, own it for a lifetime.